Simplifying Sales

wide_product_logo_menutrakOutdated menu selling systems are not only taking up too much of your F&I department’s time and resources, but they’re also creating a disjointed sales experience for your customer. MenuTrak’s™ advanced system is designed to help the F&I managers close deals quickly and easily, while also improving the quality of the sale for the customer.

MenuTrak™ simplifies selling for F&I managers by combining over a dozen products and management applications into one centralized platform. With this one comprehensive solution, F&I managers can drastically improve the menu building process and offer a streamlined, customer-focused sales experience. Our interactive F&I menu selling case study shows that using a menu system increases profit by 73%.

But is it reliable?

With MenuTrak™, there is no sacrificing profitability for compliance. This system will ensure your dealership will always be protected by remaining 100% compliant.

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This turnkey feature of MenuTrak™ keeps your business aligned with regulatory laws and compliance measures. ComplianceTrak has a complete process for submitting OFAC & RedFlag Verification, Risk Based Pricing and Adverse Action Letter disclosures, effectively eliminating costly risk and human error.

ComplianceTrak’s increased regulations means increased security for everyone involved. ComplianceTrak protects the dealer principal because he knows these processes ensure things are done properly. It also protects the F&I manager because it provides a clear path to compliance. Most importantly, ComplianceTrak protects the customer by demonstrating that everything is done automatically through a trusted system, rather than worrying about possible human error.


When it comes time in the sales process to verify customer credit, CreditTrak simplifies the transaction and offers total transparency, allowing customers and F&I managers to track the deal from submission throughout the final sale. This integrated tool will pull information directly from credit application submissions and credit bureaus, allowing for a streamlined, error-free process.

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