Designed for Your Customers


FLITE is a one-of-a-kind presentation tool will revolutionize your sales process and drive the total customer experience within the F&I process.

Employing the latest touch technology of tablets, TVs, and table-top devices, FLITE™ enables dealerships to easily build and execute powerful presentations to customers, far exceeding the outdated manual menu-selling experience.


What can FLITE™ do for your dealership?

Today’s consumers use the latest technology to shop, and with FLITE™, the F&I process is no different.

FLITE™ puts the sale in the customer’s hands using touch screen technology and interactive survey features to build a completely customized profile and menu of products directly aligned with the customer’s needs and driving habits.

When the buyer is in control, it not only creates a comfortable sales process, but with a highly relevant product presentation and seamless transaction experience, customers are much more likely to purchase after-marketing products, successfully driving dealership profitability.

For a branded experience, FLITE™ can be private labeled for each dealership.

Integrated within FLITE™ is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind survey system where customers receive a personal risk analysis and product recommendations based on a growing list of key data points. Some of the factors include vehicle data, deal info, driving habits, vehicle usage variables, risk factors, cost of replacement, out-of-pocket expense data, duration of ownership, and much more! When customers connect their lifestyle needs with the real-world, and then presented with tailored, yet unbiased options to protect their vehicle, they are set at ease to embrace “worry-free ownership”. FLITE™ places customers in the driver’s seat for a comfortable, informed, and intelligent buying decisions. FLITE’s approach to F&I puts the custom in customer experience.

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