Effortless Assurance

wide_product_logo_etrakWe know how time consuming the F&I contracting process can be – from simply finding and organizing contracts to maintaining security and reducing redundancies. That’s why MaximTrak® has designed ETrak™, a secure, error-free, paperless contracting feature that optimizes workflows and the contracting process for dealerships.

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The E-Rating function is an integrated electronic process that saves significant time in the F&I process. It allows dealers to ensure error-free rating for their specific rates within the MaximTrak platform. This system also allows for customized price presentations and overrides at the dealer level.


This real-time, dynamic E-Contracting system is managed and regulated by the vendor for the specific type of F&I product. Through vendor integration, the E-Contracting feature provides a seamless, reliable process from the point of sale all the way through to remittance.


E-Signature is compliant with the Electronic Transactions Act and Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce by ensuring each signature is unique, is under sole control of the signer, has not been tampered with, and can easily be authenticated.


Paper contracts allow room for costly human error; contracts can easily be misplaced, misprinted, or discarded. So E-Register takes that error out of the equation. With electronic registration of contract details to administrative and insurance companies, and integration capabilities with internal accounting departments, this system is equipped with the necessary checks and balances to validate and verify contract information.

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