Higher Profitability. Greater Customization. Seamless Integration.

fiPlatformFrom presenting F&I products to ensuring compliance and closing more business, MaximTrak® is your all-in-one interactive menu-selling system that will set a new standard for your executive reporting.

Outdated menus and multiple F&I systems aren’t just costing you customer satisfaction; they’re also costing businesses millions of dollars every year in non-compliance penalties. Businesses are also being bogged down with redundant systems and services that are costly and unnecessary. MaximTrak’s interactive platform streamlines the F&I process for both the buyer and the business, making for a faster, more accurate, and more profitable close. With an intelligent presentation, F&I managers can instantly create menus of products that are compliant and highly customized to the individual buyer’s lifestyle, budget, and vehicle purchase.

The Result: Higher Profitability per Vehicle Sold!

Features & Benefits

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Within one centralized platform, MenuTrak™ provides the essential applications required to effectively manage F&I departments and execute positive customer engagements. With MenuTrak™, both dealers and large dealer groups can produce greater CSI scores and higher profits by reducing transaction times and capturing real-time customer and product intelligence.

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Offering a fully buyer-centric approach to the F&I process, FLITE™ streamlines presentations, custom package building, and transactions by creating a guided sales experience that puts the customer in control. Through interactive videos and surveys and touch-screen technology optimized for mobile and tablet, FLITE™ is the only fully integrated solution that converts conventional F&I best practices into consistent, repeatable processes that transform the vehicle delivery process and drives dealer profitability.

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ETrak™ Contracting

Dealing with paper contracts is time consuming and unreliable, so we’ve designed ETrak™, a real-time, error-free paperless contract system that the vendor manages and regulates. From the point of sale through contract registration and remittance, ETrak™ offers a no-hassle, secure solution for both your F&I department and customers.

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Dashboards™ Reporting

This cutting-edge system is the most comprehensive reporting solution available in the industry today. Dashboards™ Reporting offers OEMs, dealers, F&I managers, and agents both real-time and automated batching solutions along with filter capabilities, so users can instantly access the critical data they need to make smarter business decisions.

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Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office

Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office –
When people don’t know who or what to believe, it’s hard to make the right decisions

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

Ready, Fire, Aim! – Dealer software expert makes the case for switching to an electronic menu and reaping the rewards of a swift, productive and compliant F&I process. How the order of your F&I process can impact your results and your bottom-line!

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Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla?

Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla? –
Equip your F&I office with tools that are flexible to ensure increased PVR, production penetration, and customer satisfaction

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RouteOne and MaximTrak Press Release

RouteOne and MaximTrak Come together to Innovate the Vehicle and F&I Sales Process RouteOne has acquired the assets of MaximTrak and its related business and will operate MaximTrak through its wholly-owned subsidiary RouteOne Holdings.  This will bring together two long-time partners to deliver a seamless vehicle F&I sales process. The vehicle purchase process has undergone […]

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