Program Unification for a Seamless Transition

systemIntegrationExpertsDealing with numerous systems and technologies that don’t work together is a big reason F&I processes have been hindered from leaping into the digital realm—that is, until now. Implementing MaximTrak’s® technologies revolutionizes the way your business handles the entire F&I process while also eliminating the painful transition associated with a system switch.

As a highly customizable all-in-one platform, MaximTrak® seamlessly connects to your already-established data and F&I approach, eliminating the need to start from scratch. MaximTrak’s systems span from its main F&I interface, MenuTrak™, which provides a suite of helpful in-deal technology, to its customer-facing presentation tool known as FLITE™ and back-end analytics dashboard, Dashboards Reporting, which offers real-time sales statistics.

By integrating MaximTrak, your previous data is organized and stored into the relevant system category so you can pick up where you left off almost immediately without losing any information or taking time away from your business.

Private Label Personalization

privateLabelMaximTrak’s intelligent and flexible platform was designed to allow dealerships, OEMs, and agents to easily private label displays across all internal and customer-facing systems.

Since your customers trust your brand, private labeling MaximTrak is essential to your F&I revamp. From your system’s sign-on to internal training materials, your brand’s flair can be instantly captured on any MaximTrak screen for a clear-cut, custom, professional presentation each time you log on. You can even personalize the interactive content and videos associated with tools such as MaximTrak’s FLITE™ to make your dealership’s name synonymous with F&I innovation.

Smooth Setup

While other technologies typically take between 30 and 90 days to be ready to use, MaximTrak’s systems are at your command in as little as two weeks. Once MaximTrak connects to your DNS server, we provide an online certification that gives users access to explore and get to know how intuitively MaximTrak works.

New MaximTrak users have the option of comprehensive hands-on training on the tool conducted either in person or online. Regardless of the teaching channel, we ensure that each member of your team is clear on every facet of MaximTrak so it can be used to its full potential to optimize profitability, efficiency, and the customer experience. We also offer weekly training courses where anyone can jump on and speak to our team.

Always-On-Your-Side Advocate

At MaximTrak, we take pride in providing you with innovative solutions that streamline the F&I process so you can reach ultimate productivity, measurable success, and the best possible experience for your customers. Our professionally tailored suite of internal and external systems talk to one another and compliment the knowledge and expertise that your staff delivers to optimize the benefits of a smarter, more efficient F&I process that knows your customers’ needs.

From compliance assurance to speed, efficiency, and profitability, you can count on MaximTrak to bring your dealership to the next level.

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