You Don’t Have a Moment to Lose

speedEfficiencyThink of MaximTrak® as a turbocharged engine that delivers high efficiency, power, and speed to your business. Instead of wasting time going back and forth between systems throughout the F&I process and sending or transferring data from one tool to another, MaximTrak allows you to conduct all F&I procedures in one user-friendly system as they happen. From start to finish, F&I mangers never have to wander outside the MaximTrak interface when closing a deal and can be confident that compliance is instantly obtained. Instead of going through multiple steps using various tools and entities, MaximTrak provides a single, comprehensive, and smooth racetrack for F&I managers and customers to complete quickly.

The name of the game is speed. The dealerships are pressured to get through the process as quickly as possible. This process needs to be a perfectly executed interactive performance. We save up to an average of 15 minutes per transaction. That adds up over time, allowing F&I managers to close more deals.

Paper Copies No More

Using MaximTrak eliminates the hassle of doing the file cabinet shuffle since all contracts are safely stored away digitally in the innovative ETrak system’s secure core. MaximTrak’s MenuTrak™ creates digital menus as interactions with customers occur and automatically saves and stores all relevant information without error.

Results in Real Time

Because MaximTrak’s systems update as deals progress, you can check reporting at any time and see what products are selling and which manager is selling the most, down to the day. You’ll no longer have to wait until the end of the month to measure performance.

Monitor Dashboards Reporting based on the specs you care about most for impressive insights into your F&I evolution so necessary changes can be made proactively, not in 30-day increments.

Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office

Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office –
When people don’t know who or what to believe, it’s hard to make the right decisions

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

Ready, Fire, Aim! – Dealer software expert makes the case for switching to an electronic menu and reaping the rewards of a swift, productive and compliant F&I process. How the order of your F&I process can impact your results and your bottom-line!

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Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla?

Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla? –
Equip your F&I office with tools that are flexible to ensure increased PVR, production penetration, and customer satisfaction

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RouteOne and MaximTrak Press Release

RouteOne and MaximTrak Come together to Innovate the Vehicle and F&I Sales Process RouteOne has acquired the assets of MaximTrak and its related business and will operate MaximTrak through its wholly-owned subsidiary RouteOne Holdings.  This will bring together two long-time partners to deliver a seamless vehicle F&I sales process. The vehicle purchase process has undergone […]

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