Eliminate Uncertainty

completeComplianceAssuranceAre you sure that every F&I product you offer to customers meets compliance? Nearly $9 million is wasted per year on non-compliant penalties issued to unsuspecting dealerships. Recommending F&I products to customers without definitive compliance approval leads to these non-compliant product issues and penalties that could easily be avoided with MaximTrak® technology.

In recent news, the penalties are becoming stiffer and putting the dealership at much higher risk. The entire process ensures that a dealer principal can trust the system and keep their customers protected. In other words: 100% products to 100% customers, 100% of the time.

Be ComplianceTrak Certain…

During an F&I deal, MenuTrak’s™ innovative, built-in compliance system is at the ready. ComplianceTrak has you covered with an all-inclusive process for submitting OFAC & Red Flag Verification, Risk-Based Pricing, and Adverse Action Letter disclosures so you can rest assured knowing that you’re offering your car buyers the right products every time.

ComplianceTrak also integrates credit checks to directly connect to product providers for compliance approval, allowing F&I managers to take the guesswork out of non-compliant products so they’ll never have to stress over penalties again.

…and CreditTrak Sure

MenuTrak™ also features an intuitive credit verification system known as CreditTrak that turns customer credit confirmation into a transparent, error-free process. Both customers and F&I managers have the ability to track the status of the deal through every stage, and CreditTrak pulls information directly from trusted credit bureaus for 100% accuracy. Streamlined and dependable compliance management is just one benefit of using MaximTrak to unify your business.

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