March 14 2018

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PRESS RELEASE: RouteOne and MaximTrak Streamline the F&I Process with a Single, Digital Signing Ceremony

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

RouteOne and MaximTrak deliver a streamlined process to enhance the consumer experience with the ability to include MaximTrak aftermarket documents in the RouteOne eContracting package for a single, electronic customer signing ceremony. This functionality enables the fastest and easiest, secure electronic consumer signing experience on the market and allows for distribution of all F&I documents from one portal.

As the vehicle purchasing process changes at increasingly rapid speed, consumers and dealers alike expect consistency, transparency, and most importantly, ease of use. There must be a seamless transition across all F&I channels.  One year ago, RouteOne and MaximTrak began to unify their technologies to innovate the sales process and deliver on the vision of a complete sales and F&I solution that meets OEM, dealer, and consumer needs – any time, any place, and on any device.

“This is just one of many exciting ways RouteOne and MaximTrak are aligning our combined technologies to benefit our dealer customers by bringing the “F” and the “I” together for one cohesive user experience, ” stated Imran Mussani, MaximTrak’s Vice President of Product Development and Operations.

This single, digital signing ceremony brings RouteOne’s 6,700+ active eContracting dealers the ability to include aftermarket documents from MaximTrak’s 110+ insurance providers.

Dealers interested in streamlining their F&I process should contact their RouteOne Business Development Manager at 866.768.8301