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Focus on Dealership F&I Process Accountability for a Better PVR

Focus on Dealership F&I Process Accountability for a Better PVR – Why a “wiggle room mentality” toward processes can put dealerships at risk

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The Decision to Digitize your Dealership Could Make 2020 Either your Best Year or a Hindsight Regret!

MaximTrak F&I Menu Technology

Dealer operations can often be a big ship with a small rudder. With all this movement in the technology revolution, what does it take to change course? The answer depends upon the lens through which you view technology, change, and what is happening in the industry. When implementing technology, or deciding whether to, do you […]

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Fintechs: Are They Creating New Revenue Streams or Siphoning Existing Ones?

MaximTrak - F&I Menu Technology

Are They Creating New Revenue Streams, or Siphoning Existing Ones? As a dealer, you have one of two options in the face of this new competition

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Automotive Disruptors Are the Forewarning of “Icebergs” Ahead for Dealers

Ridesharing, electric vehicles, subscription models, fintechs, and other disruptive forces are floating ever closer to the dealer’s path

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