A Better Way to Do Business

MaximTrak® solutions arm F&I managers with all of the tools and systems required to build better menu presentations and close more business within one, easy-to-use platform. Each feature will shave minutes off the F&I process – reducing lengthy customer transactions, as well as the amount of time required for F&I managers to build relevant, compliant menus.

Speak to F&I manager to how MaximTrak affects their goals. When you use MaximTrak, you’ll be focusing on your customer and increasing your bottom line. Lengthy transactions will take only minutes so you have the opportunity for more sales.

One Centralized Platform

With MenuTrak™, F&I managers rely on one centralized platform that allows them to more effectively manage their workflow, positively engage with customers and drastically reduce transaction times. This tool helps F&I managers quickly perform an identity audit, as well as instantly check which products are available and whether they’re compliant, all before building a customized menu to present to the customer.

Customer-Centric Selling

FLITE™ is the newest tool revolutionizing the F&I experience. Utilizing helpful, educational F&I product content and interactive surveys, this tool creates a completely guided sales process that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. With FLITE™, customers are instantly served the most relevant, compliant products based on their specific needs, driving habits and lifestyle.

Optimized Contracting Process

ETrak™ is a paperless contracting feature that optimizes the workflow of contracts, offering the necessary checks and balances to ensure the process is completed properly and customer information is secure.

Real-Time Performance Management

Dashboards™ reporting allows managers to see the day-to-day performance of the overall business as well as team productivity. A manager can instantly view their fully customized dashboard to evaluate sales goals, successes, opportunities for improvement, and even individual performance and product income.


  • One centralized platform
  • Effectively manage departments
  • Reduce transaction time
  • Ensure compliant products

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  • Optimize workflow of contracts
  • Secure & reliable
  • Reduce transaction time
  • Prevent theft

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  • Comprehensive reporting
  • View day-to-day performance
  • Fully customized
  • Real-time results

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  • Engage customers
  • Streamlined process
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Improve CSI scores

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PRESS RELEASE: MaximTrak Announces FLITE ENGAGE, the Online Retail Platform that Supports and Streamlines the Consumer Vehicle Buying Experience

WAYNE, PA., March 22, 2018 – MaximTrak Technologies, the automotive industry’s premier finance and insurance (F&I) platform provider, announced today the release of MaximTrak FLITE ENGAGE. FLITE ENGAGE was designed to optimize the online consumer buying experience within a brandable and configurable retailing platform.  Built on FLITE technologies, MaximTrak’s suite of showroom tools built for […]

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Monday, March 12, 2018 MaximTrak Technologies, the international finance and insurance (F&I) platform provider, announced today the addition of Imran Mussani, formerly a Harley-Davidson Financial Services executive, to its leadership team, and the promotion of Andrew Guidas to VP, Development Operations, said Jim Maxim, Jr., President of MaximTrak, a RouteOne company, and Chief Digital Officer […]

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