How long does it take?

Setting up MaximTrak will take on average one to two weeks for the initial menu, and up to 90 days for fully system integration, including training. Our two week menu launch program is structured around custom training and integration sessions so you aren’t taking time away from business.

What does it cost?

Because the needs of every business are different, cost varies from client to client. Our skilled professionals will help you determine the cost for your business. Click here to contact us.

What do I need to do to prepare?

In order for MaximTrak to fully benefit you, you’ll need to have your goals defined. Determine what areas of your business could use improvement or what you’re looking to achieve within your F&I platform. MaximTrak will work with your dealership and existing process, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits immediately.

How do I start?

To get set up with MaximTrak and drastically improve the F&I process for your customers, click here to visit our Getting Started page, or call MaximTrak toll-free at 1.800.282.6308.

Can I try it out first?

If you’re interested in MaximTrak and would like to learn more about how it works, click here to request a demo. During the demo, you’ll find out how this seamless reporting system can help you measure goals for your business, meet compliance requirements, and enhance the customer experience.

What is an “all-in-one system?”

MaximTrak was created because of the need for an organized and digital solution to the F&I process that would help F&I managers save time and sell products. This all-in-one system unifies all the various parts of the F&I process into one place. Managers no longer have to switch between many different programs to get through the process, they can simply rely on MaximTrak for all of their needs, saving them time and ensuring security.

How is MaximTrak different?

MaximTrak has a 30-year track record of performance and industry leadership, with perpetual investment in innovation and technology. Clients get the personal attention, responsiveness and insight that they deserve, in addition to training and support when they need it. MaximTrak’s experience, stability and breadth of technology solutions will work to meet the needs of your business.