Online Retail Platform that Supports and Streamlines
the Consumer Vehicle Buying Experience

FLITE ENGAGE is the next evolution of automotive retail connecting consumers and dealership F&I departments earlier in the buying cycle when embedded into OEM, dealer, and third-party websites. It captures and engages consumers through their shopping journey via mobile or showroom experiences to deliver a complete, transparent, and efficient digital buying solution.

With FLITE ENGAGE, OEMs and dealers can develop and enable a custom and modular workflow that seamlessly transitions from OEM and dealer sites to support more transactional level business, allowing consumers to calculate payments options, apply for finance using RouteOne’s secure Online Credit Application and data integrations, customize their vehicle with aftermarket products & accessories, and submit their entire deal right to the dealership. The FLITE decisioning engine, which leverages data and artificial intelligence, drives tailored product recommendations and powers the entire experience.

Redefine the consumer buying experience and create a seamless transition from the online world to the showroom world, for F&I and beyond, with FLITE ENGAGE.

Custom ENGAGE experiences are in development and have been deployed for major OEM clients.
A dealer ready experience is in development now. READ THE FULL PRESS RELEASE


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