Who We Are

companyCreated to meet the demanding needs of automotive and power sports dealers, OEMs, agents, and administrative partners, MaximTrak’s® user-friendly platform serves as a 360-degree F&I management and customer experience solution.

Our mission and industry vision is to transform the vehicle delivery process and drive dealer profitability within the F&I department. Since 1982, we’ve remained dedicated to our customers and relentlessly invested in providing new opportunities and better tools that drive measurable success. But we’re not just a product – we’re a true partner. Our team at MaximTrak ensures you always have the most up to date training and support to take full advantage of the solution, helping you unleash new opportunities and drive performance for your business.

MaximTrak has been engineered for simplicity, speed, performance and compliance and continues to be the industry’s premier F&I System Application. MaximTrak’s flexible web-based design allows a variety of end-user applications and technologies to be integrated into one central platform. This meets the needs of multiple clients ranging from automotive dealers, insurance companies, administrators and captive finance companies.

In 2003, MaximTrak developed its flagship F&I Menu and Reporting products which are comprised of three core applications: MenuTrak menu system, Dashboards reporting solution, and E-TRAK digital business solutions.

In 2006, MaximTrak launched a strategic partnership with Route One (co-owned by GM, Ford, Toyota and Chrysler Financial). Since then, MaximTrak and Route One have extended their integration capabilities to credit applications, data flow, credit decisions and stipulations and Single Sign-On integration.

In 2010, MaximTrak released its solution for paperless contracting, e-signature, rating, remittance, and registration called E-TRAK.

In 2015 MaximTrak developed FLITE, a brand new customer-centric tablet based system for interacting with F&I products.

Most recently MaximTrak enhanced its desktop system to become MaximTrak Global. With new features & streamlined processes derived from our international business, MaximTrak delivers a truly world-class F&I experience.

Top Industry & Technology Partners

Our partners are the driving force behind our business and our solutions. Since the beginning, MaximTrak has successfully worked alongside OEMs, dealers, agents and other industry professionals to develop transformational solutions for increasing profit. Serving as the central communications portal for all F&I functions, MaximTrak takes pride in creating key relationships and continuing to leverage these strategic partnerships.

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MaximTrak Technologies is seeking highly skilled and experienced leaders to aid in Company’s rapid expansion. Candidates must possess prior experience in team leadership, executive level decision making, sales & business development, strategic accounts management, software or applications product management and service and support operations. Individuals must be data and process driven and understand six sigma methods of operations.

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Press Releases

Learn how MaximTrak’s innovative, 360 degree solution to the F&I process has been leading the industry and accelerating the customer experience for dealers everywhere. Find out more about MaximTrak in the news, new partnerships, new features, recognitions, events and more.

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Who We Serve

With a 30-year track record, MaximTrak remains a leader in F&I solutions. We provide the key to serving various industries and driving maximum return for many different types of businesses. Products and services including MenuTrak™ and ETrak™ Contracting deliver repeatable processes to cut costs, increase profits, and promote customer satisfaction across industries.

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Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office

Transparency Equals Trust in the F&I Office –
When people don’t know who or what to believe, it’s hard to make the right decisions

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

Ready, Fire, Aim! – Dealer software expert makes the case for switching to an electronic menu and reaping the rewards of a swift, productive and compliant F&I process. How the order of your F&I process can impact your results and your bottom-line!

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Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla?

Is Your F&I Office Like a Model T or a Tesla? –
Equip your F&I office with tools that are flexible to ensure increased PVR, production penetration, and customer satisfaction

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RouteOne and MaximTrak Press Release

RouteOne and MaximTrak Come together to Innovate the Vehicle and F&I Sales Process RouteOne has acquired the assets of MaximTrak and its related business and will operate MaximTrak through its wholly-owned subsidiary RouteOne Holdings.  This will bring together two long-time partners to deliver a seamless vehicle F&I sales process. The vehicle purchase process has undergone […]

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