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agentsMaximTrak® is a one-of-a-kind, innovative system that helps dealerships quickly close more deals and accelerate product sales. With MaximTrak, agents are able to ensure dealerships are armed with a comprehensive tool that not only allows the business to sell more products, but also offers more accurate, timely product performance reporting.

As an agent, you’ll offer MaximTrak to the F&I manager and dealership. When your customers are looking for a technology partner with a fast, no hassle set up, you’ll offer more solutions, make more sales, and help your dealerships get more out of each transaction. Let us be your technology partners and find out how simple the F&I process can be.

Consistent Product Presentations

MenuTrak™ is an interactive and paperless tool that helps dealerships build the most relevant, compliant menu of F&I products. This tool streamlines the product presentation process so agents can ensure their products are not only being fully presented, but are also communicated to customers with a consistent message each and every time.

True Performance Visibility

With Dashboards™ reporting, agents can quickly access the essential information they need to identify both dealership performance and product income. This comprehensive reporting system helps agents understand which products are selling, which competitor products are outperforming and where there are opportunities to expand profitability and improve client retention.

Powerful Product Positioning

FLITE™ ensures F&I products are being presented and communicated the right way, to the right customers – every time. Utilizing customizable survey features, FLITE™ captures key information about the customer and automatically recommends the most appropriate, compliant products. With FLITE™, there is no more selling. This revolutionary tool drives F&I product revenue by seamlessly guiding the customer through the buying process through product videos and interactive content.

Optimized Contracting Process

Agents can offer their customers a secure, error-free, paperless contracting feature for a more convenient approach to the contracting process. ETrak™ allows users to be confident in the security of the system, each form is completed correctly and all of the customer’s information is protected.


  • Accelerate sales
  • Comprehensive menu-selling system
  • Effectively manage departments
  • Improve sales experience

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  • Reduce time
  • Secure and reliable
  • Reduce transaction time
  • Protect privacy and prevent theft

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  • Accurate reporting
  • Monitor dealership performance
  • Fully customized
  • Real-time results

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  • Completely customizable
  • Streamline presentation
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Cutting-edge technology

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